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January Farmers Market January 16, 2010

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The farmers market was PACKED today. There was a line to get into the parking lot, waiting for cars to leave. The booths were sparser than last month. I missed the lamb guy. We have bought merguez sausages from him in the past, very tasty. I hope he is there next month.

We bought apples, pears and cider from Huffman Fruit Farm
Buffalo jerky from Red Run Bison farm
Cheese from…um…the cheese guy

We go to this market practically every time they hold it – weekly in the summer, and monthly in the winter months. You’d think the cheese guy and the buffalo guy would – I dunno – start to recognize us. Now the woman from the fruit farm knows me! She taught me to cram the apples into the peck bag, really squeeze them in. Now she teases me that I know how to pack a peck.

We started fervent shopping at the farmers market last year when we got in the CSA, and slowly, we developed contacts with all sorts of farmers there. It is good to know where one’s food comes from. I especially like the personal connection – knowing the distance my food traveled and who was involved. Not the anonymous styrofoam packages in the grocery store.


May Flowers

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In the dreary depths of winter, starting a blog called May Flowers seems hopeful. The discussion arose today that a clever newspaper column, called Dyer Streets (which I hadn’t noticed until it was pointed out to me that this was a play on the phrase Dire Straits), is named after the columnist, and you couldn’t call it that if the guy stopped writing it. So, after brainstorming what our columns would be called, I very much liked May Flowers, about gardening. Of course I intend to also share about my passions that stem from gardening, namely, eating. And drinking.

In addition to our own gardens (vegetable and ornamental), we also belong to a CSA, and are continually putting up food for about 9 months of the year. This time of year, we are mostly eating root vegetables and stuff we canned. :)